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Welcome to the Wiki documentation for streber ( - a prototype based on the netoffice ( project.

Streber is a free web-based project-management written in php5 written by I ( Sooner or later it will turn into an open source sourceforge-project.

Please try the online demo ( and play around. If you have any feedback, ideas or complaints feel free to add them here. Use the "Wiki + Help" option in the streber-navigation to visit the related wiki-page. Feel free to add documentation, help or comments. Since my English is far from being good, please help to correct any typos.

To edit pages in this wiki...

I had massive problems with spam-bots. Actually I am pretty pissed off. Anyway, from now you can only edit pages after logging in / creating an account. In the new account form you have to additionally type in a color like "blue","red" etc. This is just a dirty hack. Sorry.

Small tutorial / Where to start

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